Thursday, December 6, 2007

Self Mastery Series - Passion and Motivation

Ever wonder why some people are more successful in what they are doing and also in life. The prime motivating factor behind it, is passion and motivation. Some would call it drive, etc. Motivation is more than drive and passion is more than motivation. I would be taking a holistic view of why drive, motivation and passion helps one find success in their own goals, life and businesses.

I have this eureka moment when I was watching Nat Geo, My Brilliant Brain - Born Genius. Interestingly, it is mentioned only well pass the the halfway point in the program. Nonetheless, I feel that this is a key ingredient in been success in life and in whatever you are doing. It is mentioned in the program as the "Iron will to Succeed", "Gifted kids Drive themselves", and also as mention by a Developmental Psychologist Ellen Winner,"Rage the Master" and rage is used as it captures in the intensity of the drive.

But just having the drive is not enough to see you to success. This is why I mentioned taking a holistic method towards having a drive to succeed.

When you have the drive, you are motivated. You are motivated usually because of a goal or target. You wanted to achieve this or that. Earned my first million, break the 100m sprint record, the honour and prestige in getting the Noble prize. Then you will start to think. Thinking of ways and methods to achieving the goal. If this way is not it, then look for another way. This part is called the forward thinking that is within motivation. Why it is so? When you have a goal, you will start to look forward and find the possible "paths" to get there.

Passion will bring you to the next level. You are not just driven or motivated but you really really love doing the things you are doing on this "path". The "Path" is like the tasks on this way to achieving the goal and sometimes it can be like practicing 12 hours a day on the piano, everyday and you will not grow sick of it and even want some more of it. This passion sometimes will also helps you to pick yourself right up again if you "fall".

"Rage the Master" to describe the intensity of the drive, motivation and passion. I may like to put it as the "never give up" attitude and see till it succeed. Also come back stronger, smarter and more determine to succeed.

In conclusion, I would just used these key words, goals, dream, drive, motivated, passion, rage the master, never give up, iron will to succeed and forward thinking. Maybe there should be more but these will do for now.