Friday, December 7, 2007

Bulletin Board 07 December 2007

This is where I will be making announcement pertaining to this blog and announcing of others blog that I will be setting up in the future. The bulletin board will probably be non-related to the main focus of this blog. After all, this will be just an announcement and to let you know what is happening.

Just did a total revamp on the whole website yesterday to give a more professional look and as well as to add a new column so that there will be space for more navigation tools and as well as ads for the blog. From a 2 column green and dark blue theme to become a white, grey and red theme. Having white as the background for the main content should make reading a lot more easier.

In the process of changing the template, I have lost several widget tools and as well as the expandable function of each post. Right now, I am in the process of further refining the blog to make it more user friendly and will probably add a search tool in the future.