Saturday, December 8, 2007

Blogging as part of your Business Strategy

Instead of Blogging as your main source of business, blogging to support and give value to your main business. So what are the ways that blogging will help in your business.

1. Propaganda - Promote your main business.
This business strategy can work in a few ways.

a. Provide information of your product. This can comes in the form showing the nuts and bolts or inner working of your product. Show how to use your product. Show the features of your product. Basically, promote your product.

b. Tell people that how good your product is. The effects and benefits you get when you use the product.

c. Educate your customer. Not just those things that mentioned in a and b about your product but also related knowledge that will be helpful or simply make them more knowledgeable.

2. Offer extra value to your customer.
This business strategy will help to endear your customer to your products and turn them into your loyal customer.

a. Show what are the ways or recipes you can use to create something or do with your product.

b. Show how to "pimp", customise or modify the product to suit the customers taste or preference or to improve or change the functions of the product.

Examples of how blogging help with a certain business.

A. eBay business. Make good use of the About Me to let your customer know more about you. But this is probably limited in terms of the amount of things you can share. So, let them know about your blog.

i. Do announcement of new items of for sale on eBay. You can create loyal customers by having subscribers to your blog and they can know immediately through the subscription that you have a new item for sale.

ii. A more detailed description of the listed sale item. This way you can also educate your customer the history and the value of the item, especially the collectibles. Gain in doing this is that your customer will happy to know they are collecting or buying something of maybe sentimental or historical value and other gain is that you maybe able to sell the item at a much higher price.

iii. Create special promotions for your loyal customers who will subscribe and give them value and saving by staying loyal.

iv. Let your customer to get to know you better and your history of all the listed items. This can help to gain a reputation of things you are able to source to sell. It will work like a charm if you are specialised in certain collectibles and maybe they are able to get a similar item from you in the future.

v. Research on your customer by maybe using polls.

vi. Gain extra useful feedback from your readers using the comments.

vii. Create loyal customers using the above methods.

viii. Spin off in doing this, you might earn a tidy income from the ads in the blog. So in this case, having a blog works both ways and the bottom line is that you can use it to increase your sales in eBay and as well as profiteering from the ads in the blog.

B. Kitchenware business

i. After making a successful sale, you can further engage with your customer by letting them know what other useful things kitchenware you are selling.

ii. Educate your customer and let them know, how to use of your product in best possible ways. How to maintain your product. Possible problem and how to troubleshoot them.

iii. Give extra value like providing recipes that will use one of your kitchenware.

iv. Show your customers how to create a theme in the kitchen with your wares as these things are able to not only function to help to prepare or cook your food but also it can help to decorate your kitchen to your taste. Customisation of the look of the wares may even be possible to match overall theme in the kitchen. This help to make your kitchenware not to stick out like a sore thumb among the nicely coordinated kitchen furniture and wares and might even compliment the overall theme.

v. An additional way to promote your wares which you can draw in an international customers on the Internet.

vi. Research on your customer by using tools like polls.

vii. Gain extra useful feedback from your readers and maybe also further interaction by using the comments.

viii. Create a loyal group of customers using the above methods.

ix. Spin off in earning ads revenue with the blog.