Friday, November 30, 2007

Soft skills from Ben Dr eBay 01

Quote from a posting by Ben at IMS forum at here.

What are SOFT SKILLS, to me they are things you don't learn in school like mindset, time management, entrepreneurship, sales psychology, product development and people skills. because at the end of the day all you want to do is communicate and build a relationship with your customer.

I make use of the opportunity of meeting Ben and try to get him to share a bit in this area, particularly, Time Management.

He did give an example how a lady complaining that how come after spending 3 hours everyday, she is still not making much money from internet marketing. He did found out that she actually spend most of her time checking email, etc and spend maybe just about 15 minutes on actual writing for her blog itself. Conclusion is that people tends to have this mindset that by sitting down in front of the computer and doing things is actually called working. But delivering results through doing something should be call work, right.

So 2 lessons can be learned here. Your mindset have to right and your time management skills will have to ensure that you are spending time on getting the most important thing done first, particularly that income generating part of the business and also as well as the core of the whole business. Maximising your time by focusing on things that needed to be done and done in a shortest possible set of time.