Thursday, November 29, 2007

Met Ben Dr eBay

A quick summary of my first individual meeting with Ben.

Met Ben yesterday to have a chat with him. Basically, it is some kind of interview done in a very informal way. He wanted to groom people who will not give up easily and chances of success is high. After a session of sharing of passions and ideas, he have a better idea of me and vice versa. Conclusion, he is not keen and I was turn down. On one side, yah... kanna rejected, of course I will feel down but at least I learn something from the experience. His reason for the rejection is as I am not working now, financially, I won't be able to make it in eBay business at the moment. There will be a need to come up with about 200-300 dollars a month to really get started. So next step, get a job and become more financially secured and chart my path of success.

A few interesting things about Ben. He got a degree in journalism in US. Started his business in buying and selling 2nd hand textbooks while pursuing his degree. In the end, he sold off his business before coming back to Singapore. So he got his whole education paid and came back with a 5 figure bank account. He got started in writing diary when he was 9. It was more like a journal. It got started when a friend ask if he just as good as a fellow classmate. Yes, if he follow exactly whatever he does. So, it is also a journal of various ideas and they are tested out and the results recorded. So after awhile, he is more or less got program to things that works. This sort of training has resulted in a quick, sharp and creative mind he has now. At a single session chatting with Stuart Tan, he can generate over 20 ideas.